چهار شنبه، 7 آبان 1399 / 2020 October 28
Message to the recipient
Hashemi Rafsanjani Akbar


My father: Haj Mirza Ali Hashemi Bahramani and my mother: Mahbibi (safariyan). Although, we are not Syed, the last name of Hashemi has chosen for our family because the name of our grand, grandfather was Haj Hashem; he has had many land and facilities all around the area.
My father had a little seminary education, and as I remember, because of pressures on religious people during Pahlavi’s period he preferred to live in the rural area. People were deeply trust him and he had a kind of religious authority in the social and religious affairs of that area. He had a special character that when the product picking season came, he donated a portion of it to the poor and needy people of our village.
Our village name is Bahraman, one of the old countries of Nogh – from plain of Rafsanjan. Bahraman means Ruby.
My mother did house chores in addition she cooperated with my father in life affairs. Also she was not educated but she had good information about herbal drugs. Her information was useful for our family members and even for citizens of our village; however, we still use some of those experiences in our family. 
Our family is including five brothers and four sisters, according to the situation of the village we had comfortable life. The date of birth in my ID is 1934. I started education at age five with accompany of my brother who was two years older than me. We had taught official school book and Quran and books like Golestan and Nasab,… in Maktab (old style school with only a teacher). Moreover, From age seven, I used my father’s acknowledges. Gradually, Maktab could not answer our needs. I was fourteen that by my cousin, mohammad, suggestion we decided to travel to Qom by convoy to learn religious sciences.


In 1958, my family chose daughter of Hojatolislam Aseyed mohammad sadegh Marashi to be my wife. My wife has seminary school education.  She belongs to the religious and great family of Marashi and she is granddaughter of highness Ayatollah seyed kazem Tabatabai Yazdi, writer of “Orvatolvosgha”. This book still is honored in all seminary schools. The fruit of this marriage is five children (Fateme, mohsen, Faeze, mahdi, yaser). My daughters married to Mr.Lahoti’s sons. One of my sons-in-law is doctor and the other one is dentist. We arranged their marriage many years ago while we were imprison at Evin.
My family didn’t enter politics. One of my daughters entered to sport field and the other one entered to institute of special disease. Among my sons, Mohsen who was the member of Islamic committee at Europe which had political background came back to Iran and start to work at making missiles organization. His major was about building the body of missiles, thus, as the country needed his experiences and science, he left his education unfinished and came to Iran. He has secret activities and missions in this field, and then he came to president detection section which was the secret mission as well. We preferred to employ someone we can trust who couldn’t misuse information. After that he went to subway construction organization and he is still working there. Mehdi interested in industry and he found out that the country has many shortages in marine field. At that period, Our marine industry hasn’t been developed. He studied in under water platforms and pipes construction. At least, he went to south Pars and Asaloyeh and now he is at CNG organization. Yaser was working in self-sufficiency of cheese industry with Mr.Froozesh, the previous minister of the Crusade. Those times, no one interested in conversion industry. Following shortages and lack of facilities in animal husbandry, cheese had been imported. He accepted the position of the minister’s consultant to establish his business. Now, He is working at my office in the center of researches. So, my children didn’t interfere in the politics. But, good or bad, they act without formality. They don’t hide any issue or they don’t act with duplicity, they present whatever they are. They don’t interfere in jobs which are not their business which is not a usual behavior in our society. They didn’t inter and join in political issues and fields but they attended to the political arena. Of course, I could force them to choose a career I preferred, for example being a teacher or  forced them to complete their education and told them it is enough that you are children of the president. If this idea becomes popular, the sympathetic children of famous characters would not enter to the political, social, economic, cultural,… fields which is not an advisable costum. Of course, some ones misuse their positions or their family’s background. Perhaps some ones satisfy that their children just eat and hang out. Why do they think in this way? At least, as a loyal citizen, their children must work as usual people to earn living. Any manager at any level could encounter with problems. Moreover, the other side of issue could be difficult, too. They have power and they could misuse it and it is a spoil spot. I took care of my children that not polluted in such things. Also I didn’t prevent them to serve the country. I have sympathy about our country and I like anyone who does something for it. For example, perhaps no one except my Faeze could break talisman of women sport. In spite of the institute of special disease endeavors for more than ten years, we still are witness of special disease catastrophe in the country. Hemophilia, thalassemia, cancer and kidney diseases haven’t had known trustee.
My family never put pressure on their children or forces them to do what they don’t prefer. Also, this is true about me. We always choose our actions with freedom. Of course sometimes my father had some strict but I didn’t put pressure on my children they were free to choose their own career. Of course, I supervise them, not to do wrong or bad actions and always advise them to act normal. I watch them to not leave their religious affairs. For example I arrange their program in a way that they wake up for morning pray but I also try they choose themselves whatever they want to do. Although, I do not forgive them easily if they do wrong but we don’t quarrel or I don’t blame them, because such things will destroy our family’s good relation. If they do wrong I choose a condition for them to compensate. Anyway, I supervise my children visible and invisible, but also they are free to follow their desire – even it is not compatible with my ideas. For example I preferred one of my children be a seminary student but they didn’t choose and also I didn’t force them fulfill my dream. The famous clergymen usually made one of their children to go to seminary to be their heir in that part. But I didn’t force my children.

Scientific and political background

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani started to study religious science at seminary from beginning of his youth and became the expertise to interpret religious and legal matters independently (Ejtehad). He was eagerly participate in all struggles activities from 1958 until glamorous Iran’s Islamic revolution victory. Anyway, his continuous arresting in 7 periods from 1958 to 1979 which were totally four years and five month, could not prevent him to not participate in Islamic movement with Imam’s leadership.

Here we will represent some of his various activities before the revolution:
Had many speeches in different places against brutal Shah’s regime
Establishment of shi’i Muslims school
Translation of “fate of Palestine”
Compilation of  “Amir Kabir the hero of fighting against imperialism”
Compilation of “interpretation guidance”
Publishing different articles
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani had been one of the most impressive and remarkable members of revolution council during the Islamic revolution’s victory and after that he has continued his activities in different fields, including:
Member of republic party
Supervisor of interior ministry
presidency of Islamic parliament
Temporary Imam of Friday prayer at Tehran
Substitute of the commander-in- chief (of the armed forces etc)
The vice chairman of the assembly of experts
The president
Presidency of the higher council of cultural revolution
Presidency of the higher council of national security
Presidency of the assembly of experts
Now he has the presidency of the expediency council. After the revolution Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani has gotten many honorary titles from different scientific committee of all around the world and the University of Tehran has given him the honorary PHD of political science. And he is still the hope and trustee and fulcrum of people and authorities during outside and inside critical situation of the country.

نام پدر
سال تولد
محل تولد
نماینده استان
نام مهم‏ترین اساتید درس خارج
نام تخصص‏هاى علمى (غیر از فقه و اصول)
نام مهم‏ترین آثار علمى
فعالیت‏هاى علمى
مسئولیت كنونی
مسئولیت قبلى
پست الكترونیكی
اسم الأب
تاریخ الولادة
محل الولادة
محل الإقامة
ممثل محافظة
أبرز أساتذة خارج الفقه
التخصصات العلمیة
أهم عناوین الآثار
النشاطات العلمیة
المسئولیة الحالیة
المسئولیة السابقة
برید الإلکترونی
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