سه شنبه، 21 مرداد 1399 / 2020 August 11
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Beheshti Ahmad

I was born on 1935 (1314) in Islam Abad (former Miyandeh) a village of Shibkooh district in Fasa city to a spiritual family.

My father Late Hojat Al-Islam Hajj sheikh Abd Al-Majid Beheshti was the prayer leader in villages of that district and the Kordian district in Jahrom and he guided people by preaching.

He lived till 1966 (1345). He died due to a chronic and long disease in that year.

I went to Shiraz in 1949 (1328) with my father and commenced seminary education in Agha Baba Khan School. I studied under Late Ayatollah Hajj Seyyed Hussein Ayat Allahi and his brother Late Hojat Al-Islam Hajj Seyyed Hassan Ayat Allahi during those years.

I ended two vols. Of Lam’e, Ma’alem, and Ghavanin (Rules) by Late Ayatollah Ayatallahi and Late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahed, and by moving to Hashemieh school in Shiraz I continued my education by Late Ayatollah Hajj Mirza Ali Akbar Arsanjani, and after the Coup of August 18, 1953 (28/5/1332) I met Late Ayatollah Seyyed Nur Al-Din Husseini, and participated in his Interpretation lesson sessions which was thriving. Acquainted with him was the source of my spiritual evolution.

When Late Ayatollah Hajj Seyyed Nue Al-Din died I decided to study under Late Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Baha Al-Din Mahalati. He was a sedate, dignified, andpolitician scholar too. He was one on the distinguished student of Agha Zia Iraqi and also he was a Marja.

I studied some parts of Kyfaiah under Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Mahmud Shariat Zarghani and some other parts under Late Ayatollah Soltani Tabatabaei in Qom.

When I passed the informal exams in the sixth grade of Primary School in 1954 (1333), I took the test of high school lessons voluntary and I graduated from high school with the Literature Diploma in 1957 (1336).

I stayed in Shiraz till 1959 (1338) and I was benefited by scholars and great masters who all of them are passed away now.

I went to Abadan in Moharam of 1959 (1338) and came to Qom from there directly and continued my education in Dar Al-Shafa School in a common room, and I set the Extra Jurisprudence and Principle of Imam Khomeini as my major course. I also participated in lesson of Late Grand Ayatollah borujerdi. Late Ayatollah Hajj Agha Mustafa Khomeini started to teach Sharhe Manzumeh and I alongside some of my friends attended this class.

Allama Tabatabaei had stopped teaching of Asfar lesson in that time and he taught Alahiat shafa a few in Salmasi Mosque. The book of Elahiat shafa was not available in that time. So I with some of my friends went to the library of Hojjatieh School and produced handwritten copy of that book to use in Allama’s lesson.

I had the thought of a non seminary degree in my mind too. When I received my Diploma I wanted to get License eagerly. Because some of the great martyrs of the Revolution like Late Master Motahari had taught in Tehran UniversitySchool ofTheology and Late Dr. Beheshti, Dr. Mofateh, and Dr. Bahomar had entered the university to get the degree so I preferred to follow their way. Hence I had took the test of Tehran UniversitySchool ofTheology and passed. I graduated with License degree in 1963 (1342) when was the year of Panzdah Kohrdad Uprising (June 5 Insurrection). I had a huge talent to start political works, the condition of that was prepared in Shiraz and by my presence in session of Imam Khomeini lesson, and listening to his lectures and studying his messages and other Maraje’s messages in Qom intensified that.

Because I was a distinguished student in the License period so I was allowed to continue my education in PhD level without passing a test. I graduated with PhD of Philosophy in 1966 (1345) and I defended my thesis with the guidance of Prof. Motahari while he was not present because he was forced to be retired due to his ideological and political struggles.

The events which happened since 1963 (1342) to 1979 (1357) affected my opinion and my political orientation so in teaching, writing, and lecturing I used particular method to enlighten my audiences and preparing a situation to fall the Shah Regime.

I tried to guide youth and teens to the above purpose when I started my career as a teacher in Qom high schools in 1965 (1344). I selected this job because I was inspired by the way of great martyrs like Dr. Beheshti, Dr. Mofateh, and Dr. Bahonar.

Late Ayatollah Rabbani Shirazi always encouraged me. I was received intellectual interests by Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, Ayatollah Sobhani, and Ayatollah Khazali. Ayatollah sobhani asked me to write an article for Maktab Islam magazine. I have started to write an articles and it lasted till now.


The Evolution Way (seven volumes) by assistance of Mr. Adib Larry and Mohammad Imami ( translation of Al-Takamol fi Al-Islam), Translation of the Majma Al-Baian Interpretation which its first volume was translated by Dr. Mofateh and Ayatollah Nuri Hamedani and published in 2 volumes, I translated Vol2, Vol3, and Vol4 and it was published in eight volumes, Ali and a Ethnicity (Arabic) translation of the Al-Imam Ali, Sowt Al-Adalah Al-Ensaniah Vol5, Education of Childrenin Todays World, Islam and theRights of the Child, New Raised Generation, Education in Islam, Islam and Upbringing, Islam and Play of Children, Foundations ofPhysical Education inIslam, Famous Women (three volumes), Mother of the Prophet ( translation of Omma Al-Nabi), Respond to Doubts about Tashai’oe (translation of Shobahat Hol Al-Tashai’oe), EducationalIssues and Problems;. Family Issues and Problems, Marital Issues and Problems, Some steps in Promotion (translation of Khotvat Ala Tarigh Al-Islam), Family in Quran, Government in Quran, Poor People in Quran, Human in Quran, Jesus in Quran, Jesus the messenger ofIslam, Hero of Alghameh, TheologicalMeditations, Philosophy of Religion (ready to publish), PearlsandShells of Religion (ready to publish), Constitution and Council Parliament in Naeini’s View (ready to publish), Existenceand Its Causes (translation and interpretation of Fifth Namat of Esharat by Sheikh Al-Reis), Ends and Start Points (translation and interpretation of sixth Namat of Esharat by Sheikh Al-Rais, ready to publish), Human and Religion, Primary Jurisprudence (for students of Payam Nur University), Specialized Jurisprudence Vol1 (for students of Payam Nur University), Economics in of Monotheism Ideology, God in Quran, Ideological Struggles, Translation of Abu Hamzeh Somali’s Orison which it was translated and published during the time I was in Shiraz, Right and Wrong (collection of articles in Specialized Quarterly Journal of Kalam Islami, ready to publish), A journey in Thoughts of Alavi (ready to publish), Fatima a Pattern for all of History (under writing)

After the revolution I was in the voting and elections, I was traveled to Borujerd by Imam Khomeini command and solved the problems and issues of there. People of Kazerun were insisted on accepting the responsibility of the Revolutionary Court by me. Late Ayatollah Pasandideh knew about that, but due to other works I couldn’t accept.

When the election of Majlis Shora Islami (Islamic Consultative Assembly) began I was elected as the representative of Fasa people. I was reelected in the second period too. In Assembly I was the head of Education Commission, or the deputy of the Higher Culture and Education Commission and a member of the Research Commission and I studied the cases of people in disbanded SAVAK.

I transferred from Education of Qom to Tehran UniversitySchool ofTheology in 1986 (1365). I passed the Assistant Professor and Associate Professor Level during these years and now I teach Philosophy in PhD level as a full time Professor.

نام پدر
سال تولد
محل تولد
نماینده استان
نام مهم‏ترین اساتید درس خارج
نام تخصص‏هاى علمى (غیر از فقه و اصول)
نام مهم‏ترین آثار علمى
فعالیت‏هاى علمى
مسئولیت كنونی
مسئولیت قبلى
پست الكترونیكی
اسم الأب
تاریخ الولادة
محل الولادة
محل الإقامة
ممثل محافظة
أبرز أساتذة خارج الفقه
التخصصات العلمیة
أهم عناوین الآثار
النشاطات العلمیة
المسئولیة الحالیة
المسئولیة السابقة
برید الإلکترونی
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